This Year's Star Studded Line Up!
Jackie French
Author, Ecologist and Historian just to name a few!
Jackie French AM
Authoring over 140 books and winning more than 60 awards both here in Australia and internationally.

Jackie writes for adults, young adults, and even younger humans, on history, ecology, and her award-winning historical fiction for all ages, but... write just one picture book about a wombat and no one lets you forget it!

We are very excited that Jackie will be joining the OBWC lineup this year.

Bec West
Talkin' Chalk
Bec is somewhat of a Tour de Force in education. Her Chalk and Talk videos have had over 650 000 views due to their entertaining and informative ways.
Alliera Carroll
Shell Cove Public School

Alice Vigors
Our Lady of the Rosary - The Entrance

Aaron Johnston
Point Claire Public School
Giving Learners Effective Feedback
Megan Townes
Megan is back again this year with her AMAZING workshops. Augmented Reality and lots of other really cool ideas that you can use in your classroom.
Kelly Burke
The team from Stem.4L are running some really interesting Coding, Robotics, Virtual Reality and Video production workshops at OBWC 2020 and we can't wait!
Luke Willers
Rise Personal Training & Fitness
Luke is the Work/Life balance expert.
His workshop will give you the tools you need to get all your teaching done while still staying fit an active. He also promises to show us how to eat right while on the run ~ the perfect foods for playground duty!
Ilana Shelton
Get your Prowise on point in Ilana's workshop.
Kylie Youkhana
Warwick Farm Public School
Enhancing Instruction and improving learning with Google Slides.
Kylie was one of the highly regarded workshop leaders in 2019 and shes back again with more Google wizardry!
Tim Heinecke
On Butterfly Wings Conference Host