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Have you got something awesome happening that just needs to be shared?
You may have seen that we have been busy beavering away with the preparations for the 2019 On Butterfly Wing conference.

2018 was our first and to say that it exceeded expectations is an understatement. There was such a great vibe, the place was buzzing!

Which leads us to why you are reading this...

We want the 2019 conference to be bigger and bolder and that’s where you come in.

We have polled the the OBW community about the workshops they really want at their conference in order that we go about creating a bespoke professional development experience.

Now that we know what they want our next task is to  call out to awe-awe-inspiring educators like yourself to knock em over in the aisles! And just like Santa Claus, we want to make sure they get what’s on their wish list (well for those that are on his good list anyway!)

On Butterfly Wings 2019 Conference
Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley
11 & 12 July 2019
What’s in it for you?

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to presenting to the On Butterfly Wings community. It goes without saying that the awesome work you do each and every day needs to be shared with as many similarly dedicated educators as possible and that is why we bring them together once a year like this.

Presenting to your peers is yet another layer of recognition, another way to be rewarded for the countless hours you give. Being recognised by the On Butterfly Wings community as a thought leader in your particular area brings a great sense of satisfaction.

But we know that it takes a lot of time, effort and guts to jump on stage in front of an audience of your peers so we want to sweeten the deal even further by giving you a VIP pass to the rest of the conference. It’s our little way of saying "we think you are awesome!"

What we need from you

Stage One

This happens in stages and it is all designed to ensure there is not a huge amount needed from you all at once.

At first what we need from you is an OVERVIEW - a brief but punchy summary. Something that when you read it back to yourself you say, “WOW! I want to be in that workshop!”

If you need some ideas and motivation head over to the 2018 page:

Once we receive the overviews we sit down as a committee and determine which workshops will be the best fit.

As an idea this is the top 10+ topics the community identified in our survey: Rich Assessment Tasks, STEM/STEAM, Critical Thinking, Visible Learning, Numeracy Progressions, Literacy Progressions, Formative Assessment, Working with Data, Dealing with Challenging Situations, Staff Wellbeing, G&T, Growth Mindsets, Leadership, Student Feedback...

The conference is going over two days, which gives us room enough for 30 workshops and that means we have lots of room to provide a really diverse timetable.

We envisage that the workshop selection will be finalised by the middle of January therefore we will get back to you before school goes back.

Ready to share your awesome?
We can't wait to hear from you...